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We can provide 1 to 1 support for your design needs, from circuit design, to using Eagle CAD software to produce your PCB Layout. We can also give support and help with Arduino sketches or write your program for you. We can also help you develop your project, from conception to final design.

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A Little More Information

Contact us through the 'Contact Us' page, or call 03330 147 052 (Normal national rate) or email us using the details below. We have access to most products from ADAFRUIT & Sparkfun, and we can order items from Farnell, RS-Components & Mouser. There may be a handeling fee added if we need to order from these suppliers, if you need us to order components or items, we may ask for an up front payment.

Custom Lazer cutting & etching is also available.

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Custom Jobs Undertaken

What can we offer
We can design PCBs from eagle schematics, as well as provide consultation on PCB design work. We also have an inhouse team to develop Arduino and Raspberry Pi based Solutions. Contact us through the contact page for more information.


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