Minimum sizes : 8 mil Trace & 8 mil spacing, 15 mil border around board - These are the minimum, but as usual please try to use as large a trace & spacing as possible. Double sided boards with vias, and plated drilled holes.

PCB Material

Our boards are made to the following spec.

  • FR-4 Fiber board.
  • 1 Oz Copper. (2 Oz available)
  • Solder Mask on both sides (if required).
  • Silk Screen on both sides (again if required).
  • Single sided, Double sided & 4 Layer Boards.
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    Custom Jobs Undertaken

    What can we offer
    We can design PCBs from eagle schematics, as well as provide consultation on PCB design work. We also have an inhouse team to develop Arduino and Raspberry Pi based Solutions. Contact us through the contact page for more information.


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