About UK-PCB

We do offer accounts to companies, To apply for an account, please forward an email to accounts@uk-pcb.co.uk & our team will deal with your application on a case by case basis. Acceptence is NOT guaranteed. Our normal terms are 14 days, but this may be extended for some companies. We may ask for a deposit on some orders, with a balance due on account Or delivery. If you are late paying your account, an admin fee may be charged without notice, this fee is based on the outstanding balance and will be 5% over the BOE base rate. In all cases, you are liable to pay all and any costs for recovery of any out standing balance outwith your account facility. We can withdraw account facilities at any time.

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Custom Jobs Undertaken

What can we offer
We can design PCBs from eagle schematics, as well as provide consultation on PCB design work. We also have an inhouse team to develop Arduino and Raspberry Pi based Solutions. Contact us through the contact page for more information.


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