About UK-PCB

We set up UK-PCB originally to take orders and hand etch PCBs in our workshop. This was under the name of badnetwork.co.uk , A website I had set up years ago to host a personal site. It soon became apparent that this was not going to practical due to the large amount of orders we were receiving. I made the decision then to try and find a fabrication house that would make the PCBs on a professional level. After negotiation with several Fabrication Houses, the UK-PCB Service was born. We were approached by 2 Online Retailers to provide a PCB Service for them, and have at least a panel sent to be made every other day, rather than the 1 a week we started with. We now offer a wide range of services, from design to assembly.

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Custom Jobs Undertaken

What can we offer
We can design PCBs from eagle schematics, as well as provide consultation on PCB design work. We also have an inhouse team to develop Arduino and Raspberry Pi based Solutions. Contact us through the contact page for more information.


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